Make adoption your advantage in Salesforce

By moving Salesforce to the centre of the sales process and automating data entry


Salesforce is an unrivalled source of opportunity for reps to better understand their customers. 

Missing, incomplete, or out-of-date information hinders their ability to build meaningful relationships and impact revenue.

Whole, healthy and faster insights in Salesforce will give reps all the reason they need. With Ebsta, we unlock, engage and optimize teams with the world’s most powerful customer engagement platform.


Unique customer insights in Salesforce

Make Salesforce the only destination point for everything your reps need to move closer to their customers and watch the results breed adoption.

Every activity, insight and relationship is catalogued for you to understand how engaged you are with each customer and the individuals within them.

Have Ebsta automatically feed and organize the platform so that every insight and engagement is visible and contextualized.

Automated data entry with Salesforce

Have your reps focus on selling and lean on Ebsta to automatically enrich, update and map Salesforce with every contact, activity and relationship.

Signpost the quickest route from A to B for sales reps so that all the information is automatically in Salesforce where they need and clearly presented.

Identify which relationships will unlock revenue across every account and prospect and which relationships won’t.

Improve your data quality

Build a leadership platform

It creates a trusted vantage point for management to oversee every rep’s activity and how they’re engaging across the organization. 

Better understand your pipeline and where you can intervene with a 360 visibility of every customer, every activity and the strength of those engagements.

The Ebsta Engagement score equips leadership with the context needed to optimize every report and forecast. By benchmarking every closed opportunity and measuring relationship engagement, every report is made more powerful.

Ebsta Engagement Score

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Discover the dashboards that drive revenue with the “Sales Leaders Guide to More Meaningful Reporting & Forecasting in Salesforce”