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  • Automate data capture in Salesforce

Have Ebsta update Salesforce. Add 25% in sales productivity to every rep.

  • Score every sales relationship

Go beyond activity to understand the strength of every engagement

  • Accelerate each sales cycle

Prioritize relationships and identify the next best action to close deals faster.

  • Increased visibility & deeper reporting

Actionable insights. Meaningful dashboards. Clear direction

  • Reduce churn & create lifetime value

Move before your customers do. Sell without a finishing line.


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Use data-driven insights and intelligence taken from every customer engagement to make smarter moves across your entire revenue operation.

Gain full visibility across your organization by automatically bringing every record and historic engagement into Salesforce and surfacing missing information.

Add a deeper level of reporting to Salesforce by scoring every engagement to understand the strongest relationships, the activity to prioritize and how to optimize revenue.

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Ebsta Inbox

Automatically update records, surface missing contacts and bring everything exactly to where your reps need to sell smarter and faster.

Leverage a suite of sales enablement tools directly from you inbox and add eight hours of sales time every week by removing manual data entry.

Secure your free trial today of the #1 inbox integration and join over 15,000 users in bringing the power of Salesforce to your Inbox.

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